spinnytea web projects

Pokémon Type Calculator
Build your team, pick your opponent, computes the type chart for you.
Fantasy Life: Crafting Helper
Go into a crafting adventure with a complete checklist.
Comfy Pixels
Simple game for GGJ 2019. Pixel art with mood music.
Pet the Doggo
Simple game for GGJ 2019. Pet the doggo.
Sticky Finger
Simple game for GGJ 2019. Press any key. Play with friend.
Space Rescue!
Game for GGJ 2021. Navigate a debris field to help survivors from a dark fate while avoid numerous hazards. Invision notes from game jam. itch.io alt host.
Got a simple quilt pattern in mind? Use this tool to size your quilt, and it will count how many of each square/triangle color you need to cut out.
Interactive Links
I was given an idea about making a visio diagram a little bit more interactive. This is basically just an SVG with links and some hover styles. This is just a WIP and proof of concept.
BotW Recipes
Recipes for Breath of the Wild.
Text Scramble
Little ditty for a nifty text transition.
Cake Magic! Remix
We got a recipe book and started making all the things. Helps keep track of what we have/not made.

Other metions

Game for GGJ 2020. Interactive Fiction playable in the browser.
Happy Sushi Friends
Game for GGJ 2016. Download the source zip. Nav to the release foler, launch for your system.